Social media brings success to businesses


Social Media is a great platform for many up-and-coming business,  allowing them the exposure they need to exceed. Source: Jess Robertson.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau reported a thirty percent growth in the Australian online advertising market, resulting in a demand for online digital marketing specialists.

The 2016 Census, found that Australian social media usage had increased significantly with Australians using more than half a day per week on Facebook alone, confirming the importance for all businesses that aren’t yet on social media.

Aaron McMahon, founder and creative director of SLiM DIGITAL, a digital marketing company, established his brand after recognising a need for digital marketing specialists.

“I was getting contacted by my father and founder of Phil McMahon Real Estate, asking me about what to do with social media,” he said.

By hosting events informing individuals on the role social media can have in businesses, Aaron worked together with Monica Bugno, social media specialist, on establishing their brand and clientele.

Ben Coughlin, founder of Backyard Coach said his target market played a crucial role in determining what marketing and advertising strategies would be utilised.

“Because our target market is parents of school kids we often utilize school notice boards and websites as well as Google Adwords and word of mouth,” Mr. Coughlin said.

Andrew Walker, co-founder, and creator of Gekco Systems said that as the company continues to grow in clientele he would look into hiring a specialist to look after and determine what would be best for the company as a whole.

Joshua Cook, photographer and entrepreneur spoke of the importance a social media presence plays in the success of creating his own brand.

“I believe that a strong social media presence is crucial as it allows brands to have a unique relationship with their customers, as it provides instant feedback on what is being positively and negatively communicated to their audience,” he said.

“As I am still working on establishing my brand the use of social media sites as a platform is important because it gives the public a real idea of the way I want to brand myself, by showcasing my work.”

Mr McMahon believes the key to success is making businesses disruptive, and with a growing demand for the online advertising market, it is important for businesses to adopt this attitude in their social media practices.

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