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Pacific Hair and Wig Studios. Photo: supplied

Pacific Hair and Wig Studios in Sunnybank Hills and Nerang want to help those suffering hair loss with a little bit of confidence.

According to the Cancer Council of Australia, common and natural reactions to hair loss include anger, anxiety, or depression.  Pacific Hair and Wigs Studios aim to improve the confidence of their clients through designing natural-looking, high quality synthetic and human hair wigs.

A teenage cancer patient who has been gradually losing her hair due to the side effects of chemotherapy drugs purchased a human hair wig from the Sunnybank Hills studio over a month ago.

The teen explained that she was surprised at how much confidence she gained in having a full head of hair again.

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A teenage client confidently wears her new wig.  Photo: Taylor Toovey

“Before my chemotherapy treatments began, I used to have really long, natural hair and was so upset when it started falling out. I ordered a wig just like my old hair and when it arrived, Helen and Gail fitted it to my head and cut it to my liking. It [makes a difference] as a young woman to have my hair back” she said.

Pacific Hair and Wig Studios provide wig concessions to medical clients because of the other associated costs that often go hand in hand with a medical condition causing hair loss.

Health issues causing hair loss are indiscriminate in who they target and hair loss may be temporary or permanent depending on an individuals condition. Conditions causing hair loss include alopecia, thyroid disease and trichotillomania (hair pulling disorder).

Pacific Hair and Wig Studios understand the sensitivity of hair loss and how it can affect people psychologically and emotionally. This is why their studios also run cancer and alopecia support workshops where expert advice is provided regarding hair loss, beauty, makeup, fitness, nutrition and more.

They are a trusted alternative to online wig retailers as clients are able to receive expert advice, in person and can order personalised wigs to meet their unique needs.

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