Protesters party for public space


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Right to the City protestors and locals took a festive approach in their fight for greater community control, and more public space, shutting down Russell Street in West End with a Protest Party.

This protest party was a novel approach to conveying a deeper message as the protest, was claiming the public space to allow Indigenous people to stay in a public space without being told to be moved along.

A Right to the City activist, Carolina said these protests differ from traditional protests by taking a non-violent approach.

“A protest party is not your typical protest,” Carolina said.

“We have cut out the boring political speeches and replaced them with live music, poetry slam and the urban charm of West End.”

“Having a protest in a creative space allows the public to enjoy the area they live in, we need a public space to achieve greater community relationship between the residents and the government.”

‘Break the Boundary’ organiser, Dr Natalie Osbourne said Indigenous people were repeatedly being told to ‘move on’ from areas in West End.

“Indigenous people are still being told they aren’t allowed to stay in a public space without being told to move,” Dr Osbourne said.

“This happens every single day at the Goanna Statue in West End, and even in Musgrave park.

“Boundary street has a dark history and it still shows with the treatment of Indigenous people still fighting for their human rights,” she said.

“This protest is allowing the Indigenous people to gather together and fight for sovereignty for their land.”

Break the Boundary event allowed people to help create a new public space simply by turning up and party, with local bands who were performed such as; The Mouldy Lovers and Tea Towels.


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