‘Text to Donate’ your support this Daffodil Day


SMS donation is quick and easy. Source: Elizabeth Andal


Australians will now be able to show their support for Cancer Council by texting to donate and dedicating a daffodil to someone they know.

Daffodil Day is set to make it easier than ever for Australians to donate this year with the introduction of SMS donating, according to Cancer Council Australia CEO, Professor Sanchia Aranda.

The CEO states that Cancer Council is one of the first charities in Australia to enable supporters to donate via text.

“Donating via SMS is really popular in countries like the UK. This offers Australians an even easier way to give. The donation amount is simply added to your mobile phone bill,” she said.

“So, we hope that people embrace this new way of giving.”

Alongside the introduction of SMS donation, social media has also been a key player this year in getting involved with Daffodil Day, encouraging people to vote online as well.”

“This year, social media is being used in a bigger way than ever before to encourage Australians to get involved in Daffodil Day by texting or donating online and dedicating a daffodil to someone they know.”

“The fundraiser has taken to Twitter, where the Cancer Council urges everyone to share their daffodil dedications using the hashtag ‘#daffodilday’.”

“Cancer Council’s marketing efforts reflect the broad appeal of Daffodil Day in terms of the multiple channels we use to reach different audiences including outdoor advertising, television and a strong presence online.”

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Dedicate a daffodil to a loved one. Source: Elizabeth Andal

University student, Lara, explains that the incorporation of text message donations will make it much easier for young Australians to show their support for Cancer Council.

“I’ve been buying daffodils for a few years and I think texts are a quick and easy way of supporting a charity,” she said.

“Giving your email address to strangers on the street to do an online donation can sometimes be a bit awkward and the process can be lengthy, so I believe that most people will be more willing to donate now that they can do it over text.”

Daffodil Day raises vital funds for, and awareness about the work of Cancer Council including research, patient support services and prevention programs, helping support the 350 Australians diagnosed with cancer each day.

This Daffodil Day on the 26th of August, you can show your support for Cancer Council by texting to donate and dedicating a daffodil to someone you know.

For more information, visit daffodilday.com.au.


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