It’s Science National Week


Queensland Museum
The Queensland Museum – Source:Figaro

Around Australia this week, the 19th National Science Week is being held to celebrate the achievements made by the scientific community.

From the ABC to CSIRO and the Queensland Museum, exhibits and lectures are in full swing and as Queensland Museum’s, Kieran Aland explains it, “science is a way of building knowledge and a technique that we can apply to the world around us to better understand and improve the world around us.”

The events range from a 3D printing competition being held at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art over the weekend, to young budding scientists displaying their expertise and inciting your curiosity all throughout the week at the Brisbane Museum.

If you are into the more technical expeditions, QUT is holding lectures all throughout the month ranging from innovation and technology to the inner workings of the human body.

The scientific community has an influence on almost every single aspect of our lives, from sport to medicine and to the fact that you are capable of even reading this article from a computer or mobile from almost anywhere in the world.

It is also capable of so much, from two Australians mates constructing a sea-bin which is capable of cleaning our oceans with ease to the recent accomplishments of the first round the world trip with a solar powered airplane.

For anyone interested in learning more about the advances made by the scientific community, or simple want to learn something new the National Science Week is holding events in every major city across Australia and are more than willing to assist in any questions you may have.

Sharn Kennedy

Griffith University - Journalist

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