Tim Nicholls fails to explain $8 BILLION black hole


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Tim Nicholls and colligues looking at plans for Queenslanders

Queensland’s Palaszczuk Government have left black holes in post-election revenue promises, which was meant to generate a substantial amount of work for the state.

Queenslanders were promised a generous investment by the LNP post-election.

In the 2016 State Budget enclosed ingenuities such as the Back to Work program specifically for regional Queensland plus a $10.7 billion job creation arrangement program with nearly half being spent in Queensland.

However, the Palaszczuk government has failed to explain its failure to deliver. Leaving a $8 billion black hole in its revenue plans.

Treasurer, Curtis Pitt said Tim Nicholls should state his position on asset sales today.

“On the Sunshine Coast yesterday the LNP leader outlined big-ticket spending plans but couldn’t explain where the money is coming from,” Mr Pitt said.

“When asked, he simply couldn’t confirm funding for his promises.

“The Palaszczuk Government has a detailed and fully funded $40 billion infrastructure plan over four years that will help fuel our state’s nation-leading growth.

Prior to the 2012 election, Tim Nicholls promised to target a 4% jobless rate but then raised idle as the trend rate hit 6.7% for four months in late 2014 and was 6.6% when they lost office.

Mr Nicholls rejects key revenue ingenuities in the two State Budgets conveyed thus far by the Palaszczuk Government that were to better Queensland’s’ changeover to a post-mining flourishing leaving an $8 billion gap in any potential budget delivered by the LNP.

Tim Nicholls has not clarified how he would fill it.

Under the Newman-Nicholls government in the case that any Minister commented on jobs it was in the context of cutting them rather than creating them.

“The LNP has always had just a one-point plan for Queensland — asset sales.” Mr Pitt said.

Queenslanders are left with questions about the reliability of the Palaszczuk government as the wait upon Mr Nicholls to explain.

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