Miss Universe finalist severely bashed in Brisbane Valley


Elise Chambellant. Source: Facebook Page.

In the early hours of last Sunday morning, Brisbane’s beauty pageant finalist, Elise Chambellant was attacked in a nightclub bathroom.

The Miss Universe finalist attempted to diffuse an aggressive situation however, it soon backfired resulting in her reviving bruised eyes, mild concussions and handfuls of hair missing from her skull.

She explained the attackers were unknown to her and she only stepped in to stop another dispute between a group of girls.

“I stepped in to diffuse a situation then one of the girls started screaming at me, name calling etc. when I told her to stop. She just lashed out and fingernails came across my face… I told her to stop however all four came straight on top of me” She said.

The model is proficient in Martial arts and clarified if she did not fight back she would not be having this present conversation.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there has been more than 400 people assaulted in the valley.

Those numbers have increased 23 percent from last year and ultimately are just the accounts that have been reported to police.

The valley remains a dangerous place and with memories of Cole Miller still haunting party goers it’s no wonder questions are raised.

Miss Chambellant has taken to social media to discuss the wrongdoings of society and how she will not give up for future victims.

“I will not be going quietly. I will not be sweeping this under the rug and I will not stand by and watch any more young people with bright futures fall victim to these senseless and disgusting acts of violence.”



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