How small swaps can make big changes


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The QCWA is encouraging healthy swaps, while still enjoying treats.Source: Cassandra Palmer-Field.

Cannellini beans in brownies? Raspberries and lemon in slice? These a just a few of the new spins on age old CWA classics.

In a bid to fight the rising rates of obesity in rural Queensland, the Queensland Country Women’s Association (QCWA) have been swapping classic ingredients for healthy alternatives.

The change comes after recent statistics published by Queensland Health found that two thirds of Queensland’s adults and a quarter of its children are overweight or obese.

In rural areas the rates are 45% higher than the rest of the state.

Nutritionist, Bella Walton thinks any positive change to classic baked goods is beneficial.

“There is nothing wrong with enjoying treats…but there does need to be awareness around how much you are enjoying treats and the quality of ingredients being used,” she said.

Ms Walton thinks Queenslanders in general need to adopt the mindset of “how do I improve the micro-nutrient density of this food?”, which may be a little tricky for some, however, the food swaps are not.

Nutritionist, Bella Walton. Source: Bella Walton.


“Making brownies, for example, can offer absolutely no nutritional value when made with white everything (flour, sugar, milk) or, while still a treat, can offer some nutritional value when made with cannelini beans, raw cacao, organic eggs, and maple syrup.”

Ms Walton knows all too well what it’s like living in rural Queensland.

“Growing up in a rural community on the Darling Downs, I was so unaware of the lack of choice and quality of produce available.”

Ms Walton acknowledges that rural Queenslanders “are some of the most hard working people” and it’s about making food swaps that are convenient after a long day’s work.

Even small swaps can help combat the startling obesity rate of rural Queensland.

Today is the last day Brisbane locals can get down to the Ekka to try the new classics by the QCWA, or they can click here for some healthy recipe ideas.


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