Flu prevention more effective than temporary relief


Time to get those flu essentials ready. Source: Kelsie Iorio

Flu season is in full swing following the Ekka, and people of all ages are out of action with exhausting symptoms.

Although free or affordable vaccinations are reducing the spread of colds and the flu, many have been struck down with the contagious and continuously changing illness.

Pharmacist, Shelly Wang said she has had her regular rush of customers struck down by cold and flu this season looking for relief.

“Especially in August you do get a lot of people that come through the door with cold and flu, and August being a season where it is a windy and dry, people are more likely to catch something,” she said.

Ms Wang said prevention is more productive than finding a solution when you’re already sick.

“Cold and flu doesn’t actually get rid of the problem for you. It’s only there to help and mask the symptoms. I think a lot of people are mistaken with that concept,”she said.

“People need to look at how to improve their immune system by eating healthy, drinking more water,  changing their lifestyle, exercising, and considering taking more natural Vitamin C’s or other immune boosters to try and fight against the cold rather than just relying on taking cold and flu tablets.”

According to the Australian Government’s Department of Health, influenza activity was on the rise nationally at the end of July.

Flu vaccinations were free for Australians who are at the highest risk of being severely affected by the highly contagious illness, including pregnant women, elderly people, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and people with particular medical conditions.

For everyone else, the vaccine was made fairly affordable, averaging around $20.

For those who choose not to vaccinate or who want to take extra precautions, Ms Wang says there is a trend of people considering other more natural choices rather than heading straight for traditional cold and flu relief.

“People have more access to the internet, so they’re googling to see if there are any alternatives rather than taking just cold and flu tablets,” she said.

Have you been sick this flu season? Leave a comment below with your best flu remedies.

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