For the young and old, Seniors Week 2016


The theme for this year is ‘It’s on for the young and old’ and aims to bring together people of all ages. Source: Matthew Wotherspoon.

Chief Executive of the Council on the Ageing Queensland (COTAQ) Mark Tucker-Evans said Queensland Seniors Week operates to assist in social isolation often experienced by elderly people.

Coordinated by COTA, Queensland Seniors Week aims to improve community attitudes toward the elderly and enhance relations between the older and younger generations.

Mr Tucker-Evans said Seniors Week is important in seniors maintaining relationships and highlighting the importance of seniors in society.

“Thanks to the tremendous efforts of many groups and countless volunteers, Seniors Week is now a major event,” Mr Tucker-Evans said.

“For some living in rural and remote areas, Seniors Week is the one time of year they get to catch up with current and long-lost friends.”

“For others Seniors Week is a way to assist in combating social isolation through the discovery of programs and activities, creating new friendships and remaining an active member of society.”

Older People Speak Out (OSPO) Founding President Val French says Seniors Week is a great cause as it helps to connect the elderly with the wider community.

“One of the biggest problems seniors face is loneliness in retirement villages ,” she said.

Queensland Seniors Week Saturday 13th – 21st August. Source: Wikimedia

“Of course there’s some companionship, but seniors respond very well to the company of children and we have found interaction with them is a great benefit to their wellbeing.”

“Strong relations between older and younger generations is really important, so Seniors Week is a really good opportunity for people of all ages to come together.”

Queensland Seniors Week runs from Saturday August 13 through to Sunday August 21 and includes a variety of celebrations right across the state.



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