Young Queenslanders future Safety Heroes


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Matthew Robertson is looking forward to an interesting way to save lives. Source: Anyieth Kuotz.

Young Queenslanders have an opportunity to potentially save lives through a new electrical energy information program in schools.

Ergon and Energex have joined forces to create a program to turn students into Safety Heroes.

Minister for Energy, Mark Bailey launched the Energy Queensland platform designed to help equip students with the core values of electrical safety.

“This year will be the first time every school in Queensland will have access to a safety Heroes lesson from Energy Queensland,” Mr Bailey said.

Primary schools across Queensland are now being invited to register for the Safety Heroes program.

The response to join the program has been positive with approximately 80% of schools on board with the program.

Ergon spokesperson Michael Dart said the aim is to implant electrical safety sense to an entire generation of Queenslanders aged five to twelve.

“While embedding safe habits at an early age is a smart investment for the future, our experience also shows that children can be fantastic advocates for messages around smarter ways to use electricity,” Mr Dart said.

Responses to campaigns Energy Queensland has run in the past about energy efficiency showed that primary school aged children are enthusiastic learners of practical advice and are often keen to share their lessons at home with their parents or guardians.

Mr Dart described how the program provides interactive teaching resources that are aligned to support the curriculum requirements of Queensland schools and will help teachers meet outcomes in the Australian Curriculum for Health and Physical Education for P-6.

Eleven-year-old Brisbane student, Matthew Robertson said he was excited with the idea of having knowledge that could potentially save lives, so long as it’s interesting.

“Sounds like a great idea. It would be really handy to know basic things about electricity and staying safe. So long as it’s more practical and interactive as some lessons can be quite boring.” Matthew said.

Energy Queensland said they are confident with the program and that it has been modelled to be entertaining and informative.

Primary schools across Queensland are currently being invited to register for the Safety Heroes program.

Official registration for schools is now open and closes on 19 August.

For the Safety Heroes booklet, click here.


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