Government offers helping hand to helpers of the homeless


Homeless sleeping in parking lot. Picture by Franco Folini

The Palaszczuk Government introduced a new funding and grants program worth $2 million, with the goal of encouraging new and innovative homelessness support services.

The $2 million offered by the program is in addition to the $152.6 million that the Queensland Government will spend on homelessness this year alone.

Minister for Housing and Public Works, Mick de Brenni was accompanied by Orange Sky Laundry CEO, Jo Westh to announce the new Dignity First Fund.

Ms Westh, who welcomed the program, said the announcement is a great step forward in regards to helping those on the streets.

“There are a number of organisations that have got some fantastic ideas…that are having difficulty getting off the ground because of lack of funding,” Ms Westh said.

The program will enable many new and upcoming organisations having trouble getting funding that offer services for the homeless with the opportunity to expand their services.

“Hopefully it can be replicated in other states and federally.”

Orange Sky Laundry provide services to just over a thousand people experiencing homelessness in the state but are unable to provide these services to more.

“Although, we have, in the last two years experienced significant growth we’re still a long way from being able to provide the service to all of the people who are affected by homelessness,” Ms Westh said.

Ms Westh said the integration of organisations and their services would provide the highest benefit from the funding organisations may receive.

According to the most recent census there are up to 20,000 people in Queensland who are experiencing some kind of homelessness.

Those under the age of twelve make up the highest percentage of homelessness with 17.3% of all homeless in Queensland.








Jamie Murray

Jamie Murray is a Journalist working for the Source News out of Brisbane, Australia with interests in social issues such as mental health, homelessness and indigenous issues.

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