Say ‘aloha’ to Blues on Broadbeach


It may be difficult to find, but Aloha Bar and Dining is certainly worth a visit during the Blues on Broadbeach festival.

Outside of the Aloha Bar. Photo: Seline Taylor

Hidden away down the alley near East Broadbeach, this little gem is serving up a delicious quartet of blue cocktails especially for the festival.

Hostess Tea Smith explained that the Aloha Bar team was getting into the spirit of the Blues Festival by “offering four amazing cocktail specials with a blues twist.”

“We’re doing all blue cocktails all the time,” co-owner of the Aloha Bar, Tim Glasson said but the groovy blues and soul music playing in the restaurant would also indicate another move to incorporate the blues theme.

Blue cocktails. Photo: Seline Taylor

The Blues on Broadbeach cocktail list contains a zesty, fruity range of drinks including the Mahalo Margarita, Not a cloud in the sky, the Blues on Mai Tai and That Elvis movie cobbler.

The Blues on Mai Tai is sure to be a particular pleaser. The tropical blend of fresh pineapple and curacao with the sweetness of house-made orgeat pairs well with the tang of fresh lime and the zing of Bacardi.

Aloha Fun. Photo: Seline Taylor

Mr Glasson said that Aloha Bar and Dining is the first pop-up venture of Exotic Pets Presents, a team whose concept is to “take short term leases of unused spaces in and around the Gold Coast and create fun, unique bar and restaurant environments.”

The space is certainly unique and the gorgeous blue cocktail specials make this restaurant a must for any visitors to the Blues on Broadbeach festival.

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