Mobile Performer Excites Crowd


If you see ‘Uptown’ Brown, you will be tempted to smile or laugh at his performance.

At Blues on Broadbeach, ‘Uptown’ Brown performed at many locations but you could never be sure where.

He was performing in random places around  Broadbeach as only a one-man band can.

He was Surf Parade last night and if you saw him you were lucky.

Uptown Brown. Photo: Risako Asahi

And today, he was performing on Surf Parade again much to the delight of the audience who had a fun time watching Brown’s performance.

Brown makes music all by himself carrying a drum, a guitar, a microphone and that’s just the beginning.

When he wants to play the drum, he needs to keep moving his legs.

His music is good and watching him is fun, so no one gets bored with his performance.

It is fun for kids too and when they saw his performance, they couldn’t stop smiling.

Uptown announced his latest album is called “The Sheik of Araby” and you can check it out on his website

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