Blues on Broadbeach through Asian Eyes


I am an international university student from Hong Kong and I have been living here on the Gold Coast since 2014 but the Blues on Broadbeach Music Festival has been a real eye-opener for me.

Hong Kong is a huge ‘Sleepless City’ where life rolls on 24/7.

Therefore, my first take on the Gold Coast was that it was a small, boring city, however as I started to enjoy myself I learned to love the Gold Coast with its relaxing, peaceful lifestyle.

Moreover, about a year ago, I saw that there are lots of events and festivals on the Gold Coast including the GC600, XCAT and Bleach.

Relaxed crowd at Blues on Broadbeach festival. Photo: Anson Lam

Then there is Blues on Broadbeach where a lots of famous artists, including this year Eric Burdon and The Animals, are playing blues music and performing in the one place over four days.

This really surprised me.

In Hong Kong, there are some music festivals, mostly featuring pop music, every year.

But the size of these events is not large, maybe around 500 people.

In contrast, Blues on Broadbeach is huge and the atmosphere is still great.

The festival attracts a lot of people, particularly blues fans from around Australia and the world.

More people come every year to learn more about blues culture and have fun.

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