Blues on Broadbeach, Raising GC’s Reputation


Blues on Broadbeach Music Festival is a great music festival for the Gold Coast.

Founded in 2002, the festival celebrates it 15th birthday this year.

It is Australia’s biggest free music festival and draws significant crowds from around Australia and overseas.

Last year more than 127,000 people attended this festival with 2,500 of them coming from overseas to join the festival.


Broadbeach by night. Photo: Ansom Lam

Those numbers show the event can bring big economic benefits to the Gold Coast while increasing its reputation as a cultural hot-bed.

Maybe for some of the travelers, Australia and the Gold Coast is all about sunshine and beaches.

However, the Blues on Broadbeach shows it can be about culture and music as well.

More and more travel platforms such as Trivago and TripAdvisor describe Blues on Broadbeach as one of the Gold Coast’s landmark events.

‘One of the reasons that my husband and I travel to Gold Coast is the Blues on Broadbeach Music Festival,’ Christy from Malaysia says.

For more information about Blues on Broadbeach Music Festival, please visit

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