Blues on Broadbeach, a Festival to Color Your Life


Blues on Broadbeach Music Festival is back again for its annual explosion.

It is a huge event for the Gold Coast every year, adding millions to the local economy.

Whether you are residents or travelers, whether you come from another state or overseas, Blues on Broadbeach welcomes you to join any time.

Blues on Broadbeach is a great chance for you the get away from your job, giving you a wonderful opportunity for family time and to create valuable memories.

Broadbeach Night Colors. Photo: Ansom Lam

‘It is a wonderful time for me and my family, we have a lovely day here,’ said Peggy, one of the visitors to Blues on Broadbeach.

With the Blues, you can enjoy different music from different places such as Australia, USA and England, all founded in the Blues tradition.

There are 15 stages for performances and surrounding the venues, there are lots of restaurants where visitors can enjoy many styles of food and drink while they are attending the event.

‘I feel very good with the idea that I can enjoy my lunch and watch a live show at the same time,’ visitor Peter said.

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