Blues Culture Lives at Broadbeach


There are lots of music festivals around Australia such as St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival, Splendour in the Grass and Meredith Music Festival.

Most music festivals do not celebrate just one type of music.

Moreover, those festivals cost from $80 to $250.

For the Blues on Broadbeach Music Festival, it is all about the Blues.

The Blues Preachers spread the word. Photo: Anson Lam

What’s more, this music festival is totally free.

The festival draws in many people who want to  understand more about blues and learn from famous blues musicians from Australia and around the world.

Furthermore, the event also provides chances for the students and volunteers to perform on stage.

For example, Alex Hahn and the Blue Riders invited three teenagers up to the stage and they performed together.

It was a great chance for next generation to learn more about the blues and try their hand.

Blues on Broadbeach is more than entertainment.

It is a great chance to exchange knowledge and spread the culture of the blues music around.

Everyone is welcome to join the Blues on Broadbeach free music festival.

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