Lloyd Spiegel, Bluesman


Lloyd Spiegel is a driving force in blues music and one of the most respected guitarists in Australia.

He was recently named in Australian Guitar Magazine’s list of the 50 top Australian guitarists.

From an early age Lloyd has toured the world to perform his music at major festivals and in iconic Juke Joints in Europe, New Zealand and the United States.

Lloyd Spiegel is also famous as a producer and he has helped many young performers around Australia develop their own blues style.

Lloyd Spiegel Photo: Risako Asahi

He has been chosen as the ambassador to ‘youth in blues’.

Lloyd is really famous for expanding the blues in Australian as well as for his own music.

His command of his instrument and powerful stage persona puts him at the cutting edge of Australian Blues.

Lloyd Spiegel is performing each day of Blues on the Broadbeach until Sunday 22nd May, so you still have time to come to Broadbeach for his music.

For more information please go to http://bluesonbroadbeach.com/

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