Jan Preston Glitters in Broadbeach


Jan Preston’s Boogie Circus hit the Broadbeach Mall stage this afternoon at Blues on Broadbeach Music Festival but there were no tigers or clowns to be seen.

However when Jan appeared onstage in a silver sequinned dress the audience knew they were in for a quirky performance.

Jan’s popularity with blues supporters was clear when the audience cheered and hurrahed as she boogied into her first song.

Living up to her title “Queen of Boogie Woogie”, Jan sparkled on stage with her quick piano playing and smooth singing.

Jan Preston glitters. Photo: Neekah Strickland

Jan Preston is one of the few artists who performed at the very first Blues on Broadbeach festivals in 2002 and is back again for the festival’s 15th anniversary.

Her overwhelming popularity around the world and particularly in Europe is unquestionable.

Jan Preston’s Boogie Circus is plays the festival again on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st.

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