Cha Cha offers Blues Lovers Delicious Japanese food


Blues lovers do not live by music alone.

If you are coming to the Blues on Broadbeach free music festival, you will get hungry so why try some awesome Japanese food for dinner?

Cha Cha Japanese restaurant is near the light rail station at Broadbeach North.

It opened in 1994 and the owner is Japanese and promises real Japanese food.

The staff are friendly and pride themselves on their warm relationships with all their customers.


Before the crowds Photo: Risako Asahi

They are always busy and it can be hard to get a seat but once you get there, you will be happy with Cha Cha’s food.

You can get bowls and plates full of fried, steamed, seared and raw Japanese meals.

The food is good, solid, no-fuss Japanese with plenty for vegetarians and vegans and legions of fans love this place for its genuinely spicy options.

Cha Cha will open every day over the weekend from 5pm till 10pm.


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