Broadbeach Restaurants Love the Blues


The Blues on Broadbeach free music festival builds its numbers every year and Broadbeach restaurants love the extra trade .

This year is the 15th annual Blues on Broadbeach Music Festival and one restaurant owner said: “We expect more income this year!”

Elodie from the authentic Indian cuisine outpost, Haveli says: “Tourists don’t come to the Gold Coast as much during winter, so this event helps our businesses a lot.”


Bec, a personal assistant who works in a tapas and cocktail bar is is agreement with Elodie.

“Obviously, this music festival brings a large amount of people to the Gold Coast and we get much busier than normal days,” Bec says.

1Two3 dining & lounge bar manager Charlie says: “We are looking for 70% more business income than on normal days and all our tables are fully booked”

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