Blues on Broadbeach: The Excitement Builds


The Blues on Broadbeach free music festival started in this morning 19th May.

The artists are excited to perform and fully prepared to make the most of their time at the beach city.

People and families coming to the main stage (Broadbeach mall stage) this morning were already having exciting moments with the Blues.

One of the attendees this morning was Daniel who said: “This festival is so good, the crowd is getting more excited as the bands start up.

Crowd ready for the Blues. Photo: Wai Yeung

Other stages are almost ready to go: Victoria Park and Surf Parade will be having their first shows tomorrow 20th May.

Today’s music shows on the Mall Stage go to 10:00PM.

Big Daddy Wilson will Feel the Blues tonight on the Mall Stage from 6:50PM to 8:05PM.

The Blues merchandise shop is now open next to Mall Stage.

This year you also have a chance to win a Fender Sonoran SCE guitar signed by the 2016 Blues on Broadbeach artists.

For more information at or head to the event office which is located in next to the Broadbeach Mall Stage.

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