Blues on Broadbeach Boosts Economy


The Blues on Broadbeach free music festival closes streets and changes traffic flows all through the suburb but locals support it because it brings in the cash.

Last year Blues on Broadbeach had an $18.65 million economic impact on the region including tourism, accommodation and restaurants.

Even on the first day of the festival it has already attracted many people to join the fun.

Some of the visitors come from as far as Sydney and Melbourne.

Mr Santu Tan, restaurant manager. Photo: Anson Lam

One restaurant manager, Mr. Santu Tan from THE CHIEF said that the festival is good for business because it brings more visitors to Broadbeach.

‘There are more customers than an average weekdays,’ Mr. Tan said.

Mr. Tan thinks that the festival has a big economic impact on the tourism industry generally.

One of the exciting things about this festival is everyone can enjoy the music from a well-chosen restaurant.

For the restaurant owners, they can enjoy the music festival without stopping their business.

Mr Tan says do not miss the chance to have fun at Broadbeach on Broadbeach.

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