Feel the Blues with Big Daddy Wilson.


Big Daddy Wilson is coming back to the Blues on Broadbeach music festival 19th to 22nd May.

This year Big Daddy Wilson will have three shows for all lovers of the Blues and, incredibly, the shows are free!

Big Daddy Wilson is one of the best Blues performer in the world.

And he plays his music around the world to accolades everywhere.


In 2014, Big Daddy Wilson won a Blues in Germany Blues Award for his acoustic work.

The meaning of Blues goes deep for Big Daddy Wilson.

He says to his audiences “BLUES IS A FEELING! FEEL ME”.

Big Daddy has released his new album “TIME” and a new song “Baby’s Coming Home Again”.

Catch Big Daddy’s latest this week-end at the Blues on Broadbeach free festival.

More Big Daddy information at http://bluesonbroadbeach.com/program/

Big Daddy Wilson’s new song, https://youtu.be/eHq_c7AbUlc

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