Mason Rack: Q&A Blues to the Bone


The Mason Rack Band is a well-renowned local band that pumps out tunes influenced by blues, alt-rock, roots and southern stomp. Southport-born vocalist Mason Rack leads the three-piece group.

Mason Rack grew up around music and was inspired by his father, Jazzman Billy Rack.

Not only admired for his ‘deep broken glass’ vocals and guitar skills, his rare talent for the Weissenborn lap slide guitar ensures the audience is captivated by every performance.

The band has been described as grabbing inspiration from Led Zeppelin, Jeff Buckley, JimiHendrixx and also Ben Harper.

The Mason Rack Band has been commended for their amazing stage presence and have performed in over 2500 shows, including major international festivals.

They have played alongside musical greats including Xavier Rudd, Jack Johnson and Keith Urban.

Mason Rack Band has had four successful CD releases – Night Train, Show Me Yours, Join Hands and 2010: Live In Canada – double CD.

The band is renowned for their award-winning song “Dust” released in 2007.

Make sure to catch the Mason Rack Band at Blues on Broadbeach music festival in 2016:

19 May 2016 10:00pm-12:00am at Broadbeach Tavern

22 May 2016 3:45pm-5:00pm at Surf Parade

Mason Rack Band

Neekah Strickland Q&A’s Mason Rack

How many Blues on Broadbeach on Broadbeach music festivals have you performed at now?

Actually, all of them! This will be my fifteenth year.

Are there any acts performing at Blues on Broadbeach that you are excited to see?

I am really excited to see Eric Burdon. We will actually be opening for him on Surf Parade at the festival. He has inspired me a lot and our band have performed a two or three of his songs at past concerts and festivals.

What does it feel like to play on the Gold Coast compared to other countries and cities?

Not only the Gold Coast, but Australia in general, has a very different music scene and audience when it comes to gigs. I find that Australia’s pub crowds can be quite critical and subdued. This can be disheartening at times when you feel like you have performed your best. I usually turn it into a positive and take it as fuel for my next song or gig.

If you didn’t live on the Gold Coast, where would you live for the best music scene?

In Australia, I would probably choose Melbourne but anywhere in Europe would be best.

What is your favourite song to play on stage?

I can’t really pick a favourite. One I am excited to play at Blues on Broadbeach will be my latest song called “Time Again”.

I recently watched a video of you playing the lap slide guitar and it is amazing! What influenced you to learn the instrument? 

Thank you! Ben Harper actually influenced me to learn the instrument. I thought it sounded so unique and it was something different so I gave it a try.

Can you tell me a bit about the other members of your band and how you came to form Mason Rack band?

The members of the band have changed a lot over the years. At the moment, I have Jamie Roberts on the bass. He has dreadlocks and is a really cool guy. We also have Jules Keshan who has been with us for just over 8 months. They are both really nice guys to work with which makes it a lot easier.

Will you have any friends or family coming to watch? 

I have my beautiful wife Tenielle and her family watching me and supporting me at the festival. We will also have our new-born daughter Edie-May coming along. She will be 2 weeks and this will be her first music festival ever!

What are your plans for the future? Do you have any major upcoming shows this year?

I am playing at Airlie Beach Music Festival this year.I have just cancelled my Europe tour. it might be a bit hard with our new baby girl and changing nappies on the road! I will have a new CD out this year and have written a couple of songs already.

I really am thrilled to be playing at Blues on Broadbeach again this year. It’s crazy to think that every year people travel from interstate to see us perform. It’s great for the businesses and accommodation located in Broadbeach. I think it will be another great year.

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