Blues for Multicultural Music Diversity


Music has a long history as the glue that holds human societies together.

It expresses a lot of messages about things such as emotion and social interaction.

Some music has been entertainment for the upper classes and in 18th century Europe classical music was written for kings, princes and wealthy merchants.

They used music to reinforce their power, using culture for social control.


But everyday people always had their own grassroots music and the blues came from the most down-trodden people in the USA to grab international attention.

Nowadays, blues music has become entertainment for all classes and cultures.

The Blues on Broadbeach Music Festival breaks out of the limitations of people’s expectations and challenges everyone to enjoy the music.

At the Blues on Broadbeach 19 to 22 May the music is free for everyone and all cultures are welcome.

Compare this free festival to the Maroon 5 concert ticket priced from $45 to $140.

However, the Blues on Broadbeach Music Festival breaks free of the price barrier.

It provides a chance for all people to enjoy blues music.

So join the music lovers who will be celebrating this at this multicultural music festival where every singer and band will bring their own special message to the audience.

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