Brisbane Mayoral Candidate: Jeffrey Hodges

Jeffrey speaking at G&T conference 1
Consumer Rights and No Tolls Party Mayor Candidate, Jeffrey Hodges. Photo: Supplied.



Jeffrey Hodges is running for Lord Mayor of Brisbane for the Consumer Rights and No Tolls Party. He founded the party himself two and a half years ago.

Hodges believes the private sector and big corporations have too much influence on politicians, leading to corruption. He wants to end corporate influence through big donations to politicians. Therefore, all party officials and elected representatives of the party are prohibited for accepting gifts or financial ‘donations.’

As the name implies, the Consumer Rights and No Tolls Party are against road tolls. They want Australian roads to be publicly owned and free to use. The party does not believe in road tolls to reduce congestion. They do, however, consider congestion a problem and want to lower it by encouraging more people to ride motorcycles through lower registration prices and dedicated motorcycle lanes.

The party also wants to ban retailers and companies from passing the bill of a credit card transaction on to the consumer through fees and surcharges.

Other key policy areas are animal welfare and recycling. Jeffrey Hodges wants to introduce a deposit scheme for bottles and cans to keep people from throwing them away.

Jeffry Hodges holds a Bachelor of Science and a Masters Degree with Honours in Social Science. His interests are in elite sports of almost every kind and he is a certified performance coach. He is the director of Sportsmind Institute for Human Performance Research, offering coaching for elite athletes and lectures on sport and performance. Sportsmind also offer a coach education.

Hodges has written 11 books on performance optimisation, written a number of articles in various sports magazines and held lectures all over the world. He is also an athlete himself, practising volleyball, squash, aikido and yoga.

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