First-time voter’s guide


Voting booths for the Council elections open at 8:00am on Saturday, 19 March.

If you are an Australian citizen, over 18 years old and live in Queensland, it’s compulsory for you to be enrolled to vote in the local election on Saturday, 19 March.

Failure to vote may result in a fine.

Luckily, The Source News is here to help you save some dollars and participate in our democratic society.

You will receive two ballot papers for voting in the Local Government Election, one for mayor and one for the councillors.

The area that falls under the responsibility of the Brisbane City Council is divided into 26 districts or wards.

Each ward is represented in the council by one elected councillor, who you will be able to vote for in your ward.

When you are voting for both mayor and councillor, you should remember that Queensland uses the Optional Preferential Voting system, which means you can simply mark the box next to your favourite candidate with an ‘x’ or a ‘1’, or you may write numbers in the boxes to indicate your preferences (number one being your preferred candidate).

Simply put, you may vote for one, some or all candidates.

On March 19, Queensland votes in a state referendum on whether the state should join other states in adopting fixed four year parliamentary terms – replacing the current system of three years and no fixed terms.

This vote is also compulsory and is  casting your vote for the Local Government Election.

The polling booths will open at 8 am and close at 6 pm on polling day.

To find your local polling booth and for more information about the election and the referendum, see the Electoral Commission Queensland website.

Are you up to date with your local and mayoral candidates? 

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