Shopping for a cause


Shop online and donate to a charity close to your heart. Source: Wikimedia Commons.
Shop online and donate to a charity close to your heart. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

An innovative Brisbane based campaign is allowing consumers to donate to charities simply through making a purchase online.

The Give Back Campaign has over 1000 business partners that will donate a proportion of their sales to a charity of the consumer’s choice.

Well-known outlets such as Rebel Sport, The Body Shop, Speedo and Bonds are just a few of the businesses that have become involved in this initiative.

Operations manager of The Give Back Campaign, Brad Butcher said the concept of the campaign is really very simple.

“For example if you wanted to go and buy your next lot of insurance, a phone, a holiday or clothing you would go through The Give Back Campaign and you would shop with these businesses who would then, as a thank you, donate a percentage of their profit back to the charity of your choice,” Mr Butcher said.

“So if you wanted to support Red Cross and you have spent $100 buying new shirts from The Iconic, they give back around eight percent, so they would give an eight dollar donation to the Red Cross,”

The aim of The Give Back Campaign is to empower consumers to think more about worthy causes and charities and to increase the financial support for these causes and charities.

“So the idea behind the campaign is that if everybody did their shopping online through these businesses, lots of little donations will suddenly add up to a big donation,” Mr Butcher said.

This means the more that consumers shop with a business, the more the business will donate to the cause.

“We’ve got restaurants coming on board now so if you go out to dinner with friends, so say ten friends and you each spend $40 and the restaurant gives back ten percent than there’s a $40 donation to a charity of your choice,” he said.

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