Fire-fighters’ thirst quenched thanks to cool gesture


Rural Firefighters - Taken by Mel Mazzone
Water will no longer be a problem for Ipswich’s firefighters thanks to donations from Brothers Leagues Club. Source: Mel Mazzone

Fire-fighters around Ipswich no longer have to worry about dehydration thanks to the work of Brothers Leagues Club.

After forming a partnership with Schweppes, Brothers have helped donate two pallets of bottled water to the Ipswich group of fire brigades every year for at least the past five years.

Brothers donate one pallet while Schweppes also donate one.

Each pallet equates to 50 cartons of water, which is then split up amongst the fire brigades.

Brothers General Manager, Mark Hennelly is glad the club gets to help out the brigades, as funding is hard to come by for them.

“They virtually get very little funding from the state government, they have to raise all their own funds,” he said.

“By us providing the water it frees up other funds so they can buy real life-saving equipment like radios and safety gear.”

Ripley Valley Rural Fire Brigade fire-fighter, Dave Morris said thanks to the donations and now all the volunteers can be cared for when in the field.

“We can fulfil our responsibilities and duty of care of our members, making sure they are hydrated when they’re out at a fire, which is most important,” he said.

Mr Morris is predicting a serious fire season this year, which makes the donated water especially important for fire-fighters’ safety.

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