Could you design the next Loo-vre?


A Sunshine Coast competition is expected to draw artists, architects, designers and students from around the world, all for the purpose of creating a very important piece of functioning public art: a dunny.

The Kenilworth community has launched its ‘design a dunny’ competition after a public meeting called for the installation of amenities at Isaac Moore Park, a popular rest stop for tourists travelling to the Mary Valley or hinterland regions.

The prize for designing the winning entry is $10,000.

Combining with the Sunshine Coast Council’s offer of a piece of public art, local residents are hoping the project will act as a double-whammy for tourism purposes.

“The building should generate a sense of excitement and pride in the Kenilworth Community, and become a draw-card for visitors to the rural town,” reads the Kenilworth Designer Dunny Facebook page.

The location poses some interesting challenges, such as the seasonal flooding of the river which means the structure will have to sit at least four metres above ground level.

Queensland Art Gallery Curator Lynne Seears, Sunshine Coast architect John Mainwaring, and sculptor Greg Johns are all part of the judging panel who will determine the winning masterpiece.

The competition will launch at Isaac Moore Park on November 4, with entries being accepted up to January 29.

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