Guilty verdict delivered in cop shooting case



After two years in the making, Brisbane Supreme Court reached a guilty verdict closing one of the most notorious police shooting cases in Queensland’s history.

Robert George Speedy, 49, was found guilty of attempted murder after shooting Gold Coast Sergeant Gary Hamrey in the face at point blank range in September of 2013.

Speedy was being pursued by Sergeant Hamrey after committing an armed robbery, before rounding on the officer and opening fire.

At a press conference following delivery of the verdict, an emotional Sergeant Hamrey said he was glad this traumatic chapter of his career was behind him.

“Today we got a good result … that part of the journey so far is now over,” Sgt. Hamrey said.

“It’s a bit of a hard journey to get back after an incident like this, but we think we have. We’ve managed to get back on the horse so to speak and once again continue with our policing career.”

Sergeant Hamrey spoke of the personal toll he has endured following the incident, which left him seriously wounded on the left side of his face and head.

“It has no doubt effected my family, it has no doubt effected my relationship, and going through something as traumatic as what I experienced is going to have an effect regardless of how strong a person is,” Sergeant Hamrey said.

“It’s not a day to celebrate, it’s a day of relief that this period of the last two years is pretty much finished and we can move on.”

Assisting officer at the time, Senior Constable Steven Cook recalled that night as one of the most horrific moments of his life.

“One of the worst things you can go through as a police officer is being injured yourself, and the second worst thing is seeing a colleague injured,” Senior Constable Cook said.

“It’s good to get a bit of closure on the incident and move on, go back to work, continue on and try to keep a bit of a normal life now.”

Speedy will appear for sentencing at a date not yet determined.

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