Canada’s new Prime Minister or Model?

Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau has been voted in as Canada’s new Prime Minister. Source:


Justin Trudeau is prime minister-designate of Canada bringing former Conservative Party leader Stephen Harper’s 9-year reign to a close, but it’s his good looks attracting all the attention.

Much has been made of Trudeau’s good looks. Comparison with Disney’s Prince Eric. Source Supplied

The handsome 43 year old, and his Liberal Party, is set to govern as a majority government after winning 184 seats out of the 338 in the house of Commons.

Mr Trudeau is also the son of former Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau who governed Canada through the 70’s and early 80’s.

“I know that I am on stage tonight for one reason and one reason only, because you put me here,” Mr Trudeau said to the cheering crowd.

“You want a government with a vision and an agenda for this Country that is positive and ambitious and hopeful, well my friends, I promise you tonight, that I will lead that Government,” he said.

Canada’s new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. Source:

Canadian national, Emma MacKinnon said she is interested to see how things will change now that the Liberal Party is in power but is hesitant.

“During the days of election I saw a lot of social media posts regarding Justin Trudeau’s good looks and it makes you wonder what the root of their votes were, whether there was political reasoning behind their vote, or was it based on their opinions of his handsomeness,” Ms MacKinnon said.

“The former party being the conservative party, ran under Stephen Harper, made great efforts in keeping taxes at bay and deficits low,” she said.

“He [Justin Trudeau] is young and Canada hasn’t had a liberal party in running for almost a decade. Things will certainly change, although it is too early to tell if they’ll be good or not,” she said.

Ms MacKinnon is fearful that the current  bond Canada shares with its neighbour, The United States of America, could be jeopardised without a strong leader.

“He’s a social Prime Minister, which maybe Canada is in need of, but personally fear that he’s not equipped to handle the depth and hardship that comes along with our friendship and our commitment to our neighbours, The United States,” she said.

Stephanie Hannah, also a Canadian National is more optimistic about the change and said she doesn’t fell his age is going to be a problem.

Canada elects a new Prime Minister. Source: creative

“Although people are saying he’s too young to run a country, Obama was only 4 years older than him when he was elected,” Ms Hannah said.

Ms Hannah is especially happy with the positive change this election will have o the environment in her Country.

“He’s going to elect Elizabeth Mays as the head of Environment, which is going to bring Canada back to the top ten from no. 66 in protecting the environment,” she said.

“Overall I am happy and curious to see if he follows through with his promises,” she said.

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