New Laws Could See Smoke Ban Expand Across Queensland


Smoking bans to expand to bus shelters and childcare centres. Source:


New laws in Queensland could see areas where smoking is banned expanded to include more public areas.

The new laws could see penalties imposed for people smoking in bus shelters and around childcare centres.

A Cancer Council Queensland spokesperson says the Palaszczuk Government’s action is a strong step towards a smoke-free future for the state.

“These proposed changes will safeguard people from second-hand smoke, encourage more smokers to quit, and prevent more young people from taking up this lethal habit,” she said.

Childcare worker, Ebony Grills, says she believes the new laws will prevent curiosity within young children to experiment or become consumers.

“It’s really rare that you will see an adult smoking around a childcare centre.

“…but by banning smoking around them, this will help stop the perception that smoking is apart of everyday life when the children do see it happening,” she said.

The Cancer Council spokesperson says second-hand smoking claims the life of one Queenslander every day, despite them never smoking a cigarette in their life.

“One in five male deaths and one in 10 female death each year in Queensland are due to smoking related illness and disease.

“Community support for smoke-free spaces is higher than ever.”

Smokers are encouraged to seek support to quit through Quitline (13 78 48).


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