A Green Economy is better for the future


Madonna King (left), Pavan Sukhdev (left middle), Holly Ransom (right middle), Dr. John Hewson (right) in panel at the Global Integrity Summit 2015 Source: Nakita Ronto

Green economist and Founder-CEO of GIST advisory, Pavan Sukhdev believes advertising shapes society to be and act in certain ways.

At the 2015 Global Integrity Summit, Mr Sukhdev said advertising is bias and creates insecurities within companies and people in general.

“It’s merely a form of communication that used to support sales and usually praise on some human insecurity, some need or converts insecurity to a need and then converts the need into demand production,” he said.

Mr Sukhdev wrote the book Corporation 2020 which presents new approaches to measuring true costs of business and the corporation’s obligation to society.

He said Corporation 2020 is about having a green corporation which involves having a green and responsible economy.

“The green economy is at the macro level, the economy level,” he said.

“We cant have a green economy without a green corporation.”

According to Mr Sukhdev, having both of these assets will sustain a good environment.

“You can’t treat the rainforest as a thing, as a particle of light or as a chemical molecule,” he said.

“You have to treat it with the respect it deserves because once it dies its gone, so you can’t actually test the theory which tests rainfall the same way you test the speed of light or the elements of a chemical compound.”

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