Privacy encrypted by today’s technologies


The Global Integrity Summit 2015 proved to be very insightful in world issues, one being technology in today’s society.

Internationally renowned security technologist Bruce Schneier, left guests and members of his seminar with a better understanding of the impact devices can have on peoples privacy.

The Associate Director of Research at Griffith University Dr Liz O’Brien attended his seminar and said that it gave her a better understanding of the technological world around her.

“You can make all these assumptions on this high level data you collect from your phone,” Dr O’Brien said.

“We are telling google the type of things we like when we do searches using google and we are telling anybody who can access it who we like when we make new friends through Facebook,” she said.

“It can be tracked.”

A simply google search can be the beginning to encrypting your privacy. Source: Creative Common
A simply google search can be the beginning to encrypting your privacy. Source: Creative Common

To most people, this concept is worrying, however Dr O’Brien said there is no need to worry unless you’re doing something illegal.

“I think it would be worrying if I intended on doing anything improper or if I was a person someone wanted to discredit,” she said.

“If there was a reason someone wanted to bring me down then yes that would be a worry.”

Dr. O’Brien said that overall, learning to tackle the complexity of these challenges, will not only have an effect on her work but also on her life in general.

“I saw it as a way of immersing myself quickly and some of these big challenges we face in society locally and globally,” she said.

“I think the calibre of speakers is outstanding and I think everyone has an in depth insight into their field,

“They all have very well considered opinions and a lot of them are backed up by facts, anecdotes or stories, so I think every single speaker has been absolutely amazing.”

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