Global Integrity Summit 2015: Day One


Gillian Triggs speaking at the Global Integrity Summit 2015 Source: Nakita Ronto

Gillian Triggs speaking at the Global Integrity Summit 2015 Source: Nakita Ronto

Following the success of the first day of the Global Integrity Summit 2015, guests and attendees are looking forward to day two of the summit.

With a diverse range of people attending the summit there has been a focus on global peace and security.

The President of the United Nations Association of Queensland Mr. Clem Campbell said that the primary concern he had was that of the need for peace and security.

“The concern I have, is that’s taken for granted and they’ve got to work for peace and security and that is just an assumption that everyone has.”

“In reality, it is the basic structure for achieving our sustainability goals.” he said.

Summit attendee Dale Leo said that the quality of speakers so far had been excellent.

“Gillian Triggs attracted me, I am a big fan of hers.”

“She is a women who stands up for what she believes in, and I love ideas,” Mr Leo said.

Speaking at the summit, President of the Australian Human Rights Commission Gillian Triggs said that a key requirement to alleviating global poverty would be the ending of conflict.

PhD Law student Gemma Rodriguez said she had found the seminars very informative and useful for furthering her studies.

“I think it is important that our Government will actually implement initial assessments preventing corruption” she said.

The summit continues tomorrow, Wednesday 14 October at the Rydges Hotel, Southbank.

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