Record numbers march for marriage equality in Brisbane


Thousands flood Brisbane streets as part of the LGBTI equal rights protests  Source: Ariana Panettiere

More than 5000 people gathered in Brisbane’s Queen’s Park last Saturday as part of the largest rally for LGBTI rights in the states’s history.

The rally, organised by Equal Love Brisbane was headlined by pop musicians and Brisbane locals  “The Veronica’s”

Equal Love Brisbane Convenor Jess Payne called upon the Australian government to legalise same-sex marriage, before leading a march through the CBD.

“The fight for Marriage Equality is also about the fight for all the rights of the LGBTIQ community,” Ms Payne said.

“Safe schools, access to healthcare, discrimination at work, mental health are all major issues affecting the LGBTI community and a hard won victory for marriage equality should tell the government that all aspects of inequality and discrimination have to go.”

Marriage equality activist Jessica Anderson, 20 said she would like to think the majority Australians want Marriage Equality.

“By denying Marriage Equality, Australia is continuing to discriminate against one sector of the Australian community, purely based on sexuality,” Ms Anderson said.

Other speakers at the rally included Steven Oliver, star of ABC’s “Black Comedy”, Queens Ball “Activist of the year”, Stephen Page, Host of “Queer Radio” on 4zzz, Jonathan Mark Waters and Brisbane based performer Candice Bliss.

Tens of thousands are expected to rally in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne over the weekend.

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