Five stories you need to read today


Red Rooster and buttocks shootings could be linked, police say

The two shootings at Clayfield and Kallangur are believed to be linked. Source: @7NewsQueensland Twitter

The two shootings at Clayfield and Kallangur are believed to be linked. Source: @7NewsQueensland Twitter

The alleged gunman responsible for Tuesday’s Red Rooster shooting in Clayfield has been taken into custody, police are investigating if the man was linked to a drive-by shooting in Kallangur.

Police caught the 28 year-old Arana Hills man in Stafford Heights last night, with a gun, knives and drugs found in his car.

In a statement, police said they were investigating whether the shooting could be linked to a man who was shot in the buttocks in Kallangur on the same day.

“[It is] believed to be the same type of weapon used in the Clayfield shooting incident,” police told the Brisbane Times.

The man will face the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Wednesday.


Two fatal crashes within 17 hours near Toowoomba

A fatal crash has occurred on Gore Highway near Toowoomba within 17 hours of a crash nearby, the Brisbane Times reports.

On Tuesday night a man was killed after his ute collided with a truck.

His female passenger was taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries while the truck driver suffered minor injuries.

The crash occurred about 17 hours after a station wagon carrying a family of six rolled near Moore Road.

A 31 year-old man died at the scene, while his pregnant partner and four children were taken to hospital.

Both incidents are being investigated by the Queensland Police Forensic Crash Unit.


NSW police conduct early morning terror raids in Sydney

Five men were arrested in a series of terror raids across Sydney’s western suburbs this morning, ABC News reports.

Three of the five were allegedly involved in the terrorist attack at Parramatta police headquarters last week where police accountant, Curtis Cheng was killed.

The attack also resulted in the death of 15 year-old Farhad Jabar, who was shot by police.

At 6:00am, more than 200 police officers launched the raids, which included sniffer dogs and forensic detectives.

Federal Justice Minister Michael Keenan told ABC News the government stands by programs to dissuade youth from joining terror groups.

“We are working to try and divert people if we think they are falling under the spell of ISIL in the Middle East,” Mr Keenan told ABC’s AM program.

Keenan also commended the efforts of NSW police during the raids.


Fire fighters still battling massive blaze in Victoria

The raging fires are threatening 250 homes. Source: @CFA_Updates Twitter.

The raging fires are threatening 250 homes. Source: @CFA_Updates Twitter.

Emergency warnings are still in place as homes at Benloch in central Victoria are being threatened by out-of-control fires.

The blaze reached more than 3000 hectares overnight with 250 homes at risk, ABC News reported.

12 homes are in immediate danger and 200 fire fighters are working to control the fire and protect the homes.

According to fire crews, one house, fencing and several sheds were destroyed yesterday.

“There’s a possibility that number might slightly increase today as a result of the fire activity overnight despite the best efforts to fire fighters, but nothing’s confirmed at this stage,” fire crews told ABC News.

The Country Fire Authority told ABC News it was too late for people to be evacuating and instead they should be seeking shelter indoors.


Man shoves arms in bear’s mouth to protect himself

Chase Dellwo was attacked by a grizzly bear while hunting elk. Source: Denali National Park and Preserve.

Chase Dellwo was attacked by a grizzly bear while hunting elk. Source: Denali National Park and Preserve.

A man in the US has survived a grizzly bear attack by shoving his arm in the animal’s mouth.

26 year-old Chase Dellwo and his brother were hunting elk near the town of Choteau, Montana when the bear attacked.

Mr Dellwo told he managed to take a few steps backwards before the bear knocked him over and bit his head.

“I remembered an article that my grandmother gave me a long time ago that said large animals have bad gag reflexes,” he said.

That’s when he decided to stick his arm down the bear’s throat to make it gag and let go of him.

Mr Dellwo’s brother drove him to the hospital where he received stitches and staples in his head.

He also suffered puncture wounds in his legs and a swollen eye.

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