Sinkhole appears in busy Cleveland street


A sinkhole appeared on Middle St, Cleveland on September 27th, and Council have since excavated the area to begin repairs. Source: Ariana Deeley

Redland City Council has begun emergency roadworks after a sinkhole appeared in Middle Street, Cleveland, early Sunday evening

The sinkhole appeared just 30 centimeters wide at the surface, but extended two meters deep when it opened on the side of the road, opposite Cleveland Bowls Club.

A Redland City Council spokesperson said they believe the sinkhole was caused by damage to the storm water system, and believe repairs will prevent the problem reoccurring in the future.

“While uncommon, ground subsidence does occur from time to time in urban areas,” the spokesperson said.

“Officers have assessed the area and believe there is no likelihood of further erosion.”

IMG_0240 (2)
The sinkhole appeared on the side of the road, frequented by cyclists. Source: Ariana Deeley

The sinkhole is the second to appear in Queensland in a week, after a 150 meter wide sinkhole opened up at a popular camping spot near Rainbow Beach on Saturday night, swallowing a car, a caravan and a camping trailer.

The Cleveland work site is fenced off with traffic control in place, while council has excavated a larger area to enable repairs.

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