NRC crucial stepping-stone for Australian Rugby Players


NRC proves to be the missing cog in Australian rugby. Photo: public commons

The 2015 Rugby World Cup (RWC) kicked off last Saturday seeing teams from around the world fighting for the title of champion.

The Wallabies, are building up their grass root competitions to encourage depth and performance in future players.

The National Rugby Championship (NRC) introduced in 2014 was the missing cog between club rugby and super rugby.

Former Wallabies player and Coach of Brisbane City Nick Stiles, is excited about future prospects of the NRC, and the experience the competition provides young Australian players.

“I’ve got a very strong belief that the NRC is such a crucial step in the pathway for Australian rugby players,” he said.

Forwards Units training - scrums
Forwards Units training. Photo: QRU Brendan Hertel 

“By having the NRC and having a standard above club competition is exposing the young players of actually making decisions on the field, how to control a game, and even things like getting mentally prepared week to week, to play games.

Mr Stiles said the future benefits of the NRC are encouraging for up and coming players but the current benefits see’s players able to step in and play for Australia if needed.

“I think it’s going to be a fantastic benefit for Australia moving forward. While we probably haven’t seen the benefits for this world cup you will definitely see it for the next world.

“There is some benefits with the NRC now. You’ve got guys like Liam Gill and Scott Higginbotham… being able to play games week in week out, [that] means that if there is an injury in England you are able to pull in players who are match fit and in good form,” he said.

With the RWC well under way questions are flying with who will take out the title.

Second tier teams are proving tough competition, with Japan upsetting South Africa, Georgia beating Tonga and England breaking a sweat to win against Fiji.

Mr Stiles believes the closing gap between tier two and tier one teams makes this year’s competition “the best world cup of all time.”

The Wallabies play their first game against Fiji on the 24th at 1:45am EST.

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