Palaszczuk calls it a night


"Harshing Brisbane's buzz?" The Palaszczuk looks at introducing new lockouts for Brisbane's nightclub district Source: Supplied
“Harshing Brisbane’s buzz?” The Palaszczuk government looks at introducing new lockouts for Brisbane’s nightclub district Source: Supplied

The Palaszczuk Labor Government has announced plans to enforce a 1am curfew in pubs and clubs to tackle alcohol-fuelled violence.

Under the new rules, patrons of Brisbane’s nightlife scene would face a mandatory 1am lockout and a ban on the sale of alcohol after 3am in the CBD and Fortitude Valley.

Queensland’s pubs and clubs are a major source of revenue, generating just under 6000 jobs, and injecting close to $50m a week into the local economy.


Our Nightlife Queensland lobbyist Nick Braban said he wants to work with the Government to implement necessary reforms without harming the billion-dollar industry and their employees.

“There are a range of options the government could consider that would help achieve the outcomes they want, while also protecting the jobs of tens of thousands of people who work in the industry,” Braban said.

“We believe that with common commitment we will be able to find a position that is workable for all parties and which achieves the necessary outcomes.”

Fortitude Valley club owner Freddy Neira says the state government’s move to introduce a 1am lockout is ill-advised.

“A curfew will punish the people who have done nothing wrong,” Mr Neira said.

“The violence, the ‘glassings’, and the deaths that occur are absolute tragedies but the vast majority of these incidents occur outside venues when people are roaming the streets.”

In Sydney, alcohol related assaults have declined by 30 per cent since similar restrictions on licensed venues have come into effect.

Deputy Speaker of the Queensland Legislative Assembly Grace Grace wants Fortitude Valley to follow in the footsteps of Sydney’s Kings Cross.

“Hopefully this change will bring about fundamental changes to alcohol fuelled violence,” Ms Grace said.

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