Health warning Issued For Brisbane residents


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Lyssavirus isn’t something one should “bat an eyelid” at. Source: Supplied
An urgent health warning has been issued for anyone who attended the markets at West End over the weekend.

The warning comes after the discovery of a bat that was infected with the Australian Bat Lyssavirus found dying on the ground near the Davies Park Site.

Kate Robinson, spokeswoman for the Department of Health said that although the virus is found in less than one percent of the bat population it can be lethal to humans if they become infected.

“Any Australian bat could carry the virus,” she said.

“The virus can be transmitted from bat to human via a bite or scratch.

“It cannot spread from human to human.”

Metro South Health, Public Health Physician, Doctor Kari Jarvinen said it was important for any person who touched or handled the bat to contact authorities as they faced potential exposure to the virus.

“We need to ascertain what exposure the person has had because immediate treatment following a bat scratch or bite can prevent a very serious and usually lethal disease,” Dr Jarvinen said.

“Since 1996 three people have died as a result of Australian Bat Lyssavirus exposure following bites or scratches from bats.

“More than one hundred cases of potential exposure are reported each year, and usually relate to people being scratched or bitten by bats, often when they attempt to handle the bat.”

Brisbane resident Sergio Guevara attended the markets Saturday morning but says he didn’t see or even hear any bats in the area.

“I didn’t see any bats at all last Saturday, in fact I wasn’t even aware of the whole situation,” Mr Guevara said.

“I know that some places regard large amounts of bats to be pests but I don’t think they are affecting the West End Market site.”

The Metro South Public Health Unit is urging anyone who attended the West End markets in Davies Park on Saturday morning (12 September) and came into contact with a bat to call 13 HEALTH.



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