Vaccine drive to promote childhood immunisation


Source: Supplied
QLD Govt plans to have 95% of all children vaccinated under a new public health initiative Source: Supplied

Young Queenslanders are the target of the government’s latest $1.5 million vaccine drive to help increase immunisation rates to 95%.

Health and Ambulance Services Minister Cameron Dick said that the government would be contacting families of children under the age of five who are not up to date with their vaccinations.

Those contacted would then be connected with their local GPs or vaccination clinics to assist them to get up-to-date by January 1, 2016.

“Up to 35,000 children under five in Queensland are either not vaccinated or behind schedule,” Mr Dick said.

“Our focus is making sure those kids who’ve missed out on the health benefits of vaccination get a chance to catch up.”

Practice Manager of Brisbane City Doctors Helen Politis believes that this initiative is a step forward in increasing childhood immunisation.

“As the parents are going to being contacted by a Government agency, I feel that they will be more likely to take it seriously,” Ms Politis said.

Ms Politis believes that there are still a lot of misconceptions around the issue of childhood immunisations and the fear of side affects may be turning parents away from vaccinating their children.

“All of the GP’s at our surgery are on board with the promotion of vaccinating your child.”

“Media coverage and support from the Government will go a long way to raise awareness and increase immunisation rates.”

Parents wanting to vaccinate their children can also visit the new specialist vaccination clinic at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital.

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