Kingsford Smith Drive Upgrade Begins Despite Questionable Future

The Brisbane City Council has begun preparing the area for a $650 million widening of Kingsford Smith Drive despite mayoral candidate Rod Hardings threats to scrap the upgrade if elected.

Harding has slammed the upgrade for its cost to the taxpayer despite the opening of the $1.5 Billion Legacy Way Tunnel, which has taken a great deal of pressure off the road.

Harding has warned Lord Mayor Graham Quirk that continuing with the upgrade would be hubris in the extreme.

“There is no pressing urgency for the Lord Mayor to sign a contract for the upgrade of Kingsford Smith Drive,” he said.

“In a report handed down by the council three days ago, the key corridors report, Kingsford Smith drive was the fifth-fastest of the 18 key corridors.”

However, Lord Mayor Graham Quirk has defended the upgrade, stating that these upgrades are a necessity for the future of Brisbane roads.

“This project is essential in dealing with the increasing traffic demand from the Trade Coast area, Gateway Motorway, Brisbane Airport, urban development area for North Shore Hamilton and surrounds – with the corridor currently experiencing daily traffic volumes between 50,000 and 70,000,” he said.

“Improving congestion on the eastside is vital and we are currently developing early concepts for Wynnum Road to help improve traffic flow, safety and public transport.”

“These projects represent major investments in the future of our city.”