Wild Ride for Brisbane

              The all new Ford Mustang is soon to arrive in Australia. Source: Flickr.

The wait is almost over for the 2,000 Australian Ford customers who have pre-purchased the iconic American Mustang.

The car that inspired the toe-tapping 1965 hit ‘Mustang Sally’ is being made exclusively for Australia and have drivers itching in their seats to get behind the wheel of the American made 2015 Ford Mustang.

Q Ford dealership in Springwood saw a number of these eager drivers at their launch party for the car and has received over 40 pre-purchases since the start of the year.

Sales Manager Rick Hobbs says that between November this year and March 2016, first inline customers can expect a new mustang in their driveways.

“From time of building a car from the States in Detroit to arriving in Australia we’re told is 77 days,” he said.

Ford Mustangs first came to Australia 2 decades ago but were made for Americans and started at $90,000, however the latest 2015 models start at 50,000.

“Top of the range starts at 72,000 for the Convertible V8. The reds and the blacks are very popular,” Mr Hobbs said.

Coming in both a hard top and convertible, the four seater compact sports car is out-fitted from grill to spoiler with the latest technology including, key-less entry, four driving modes to suit the weather outside and a 2.3L eco-boost twin-scroll turbo charger optimised for quick acceleration.

From the evolved design to the distinct roar of the engine, Hobbs says that the beast inspired car is beyond it’s league.

“To people out there that want to buy a Mustang, there’s nothing to compare it with and that’s the beauty of it”, he said.

Ford Mustangs have not yet been given an Australian safety star rating but spokesperson for RACQ Anna Hilton says that customers can check international safety ratings.

“Usually the best place to look for a new vehicle’s safety rating is at ANCAP, however this model is yet to be released here, and so yet to be rated,” Ms Hilton said

“For comparison, although it’s not always exactly the same, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s is the best place to look for now,” she said

Wild Ride for Brisbane
Sale manager rick Hobbs stand proudly in front of the Q Ford dealership in Springwood after over 40 pre-sales of the 2015 Mustang. Source Janelsa Ouma


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