We remember 9/11 – 14 years on



“One World Tower” shows the strength of recovery from the attacks. Source Scott Mayman

The US has again paused to remember those killed 14 years ago,  in the September 11 attacks.
Journalist Scott Mayman was in New York for the service  and was joined by several other Australians who were there,  to honour the memories of those killed.
More than 90 Countries lost their citizens in the attacks.  10 Aussies were confirmed as among the near 3,000 killed on that day.
Queensland man Kevin Dennis was originally from the Gold Coast but he relocated to New York for a job with Investment bank Cantor Fitzgerald which had an office on the 101st floor of the North Tower.
He was killed when the building collapsed.
After two days of rain in New York, the weather cleared to a fine sunny day for the proceedings.
The 14th anniversary of the attacks saw the usual six moments of silence, marking the time when a plane crashed or a building came down.
In the evening,  two beams of light lit-up New York’s night-sky to symbolise the spot where the twin towers once stood.

Also to mark the 14th anniversary,

 a visitor centre has opened at the National Memorial Site in Pennsylvania .. near the location where United Flight-93 crashed.

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