Too much junk


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The results are in, and it seems that Australians would prefer a pack of gummi fruit to the actual thing Source: Supplied

A recent healthy diet score survey conducted by the CSIRO has confirmed that Australians are eating three times more than the recommended daily intake of junk food, and not enough fruit.

More than 40,000 Australians participated in the survey, which has ranked the Australians average health to be well below desirable levels, scoring only 61 out of possible 100-points.

Accredited practising dietician and spokesperson for the Dieticians Association of Australia, Maria Packard said that this can cause many issues for people’s health.

“Junk food contains high amounts of saturated fat, as well as added salt and added sugars,” Ms Packard said.

“These types of elements are associated with an increased risk of obesity and an increased chance of developing chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, Type 2 Diabetes and has even been linked to some forms of cancer,” she said.

Ms Packard said that being prepared is the best way to ensure people are consuming the two daily recommended servings of fruit.

“Having canned fruit in the cupboard or freezing fruit while it is in season is a really good back up plan,” Ms Packard said.

Ms Packard said that whole fruit is always the best choice to take if possible, due to fruit juices being low in fibre, which can as a result effect digestion.

“Fruit juice does not provide the benefit of the fibre which is great for your digestive system and prevents things like constipation,” she said.

Resident Medical Officer at Nambour General Hospital, Adam Stafford has seen an increase in health related diseases.

“There is an ongoing increase in diabetes and heart disease, both largely related to but not inclusively due to diet,” Dr Stafford said.

Life coach and personal trainer, Shane Trujillo believes that if you want someone to change their diet, you need to motivate them from within and take a holistic approach.

“If they are wanting to have more energy to get through a busy day at work, talking to them about how fruit and vegetables can help is a great approach,” Mr Trujillo said.

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