Road upgrade to beef up North-West cattle industry.


$100 million to be spent on roads vital to the beef industry. Source Wikipedia
$100 million to be spent on roads vital to the beef industry. Source Wikipedia



Councils across Queensland are uniting in a bid to get upgrades for roads that are vital to livestock transportation and the cattle industry across the state.

Earlier this year the Federal Government allocated $100 million to a new

und. This fund is established to upgrade and improve roads in the Northern areas of Australia. This can also reduce the effects of floods and seasonal road closures on cattle producers and relieve the financial burden these threats pose.

Australia is the world’s largest exporter of cattle in the world with over half a million cattle exported every year to Asia, predominantly from cattle stations in the Northern end of Australia. Improving infrastructure is vital to ensure that it maintains this status and it’s reputation as a successful operation.

Chairman of the Regional Roads Group, John Wharton, said there is frustration coming from councils as they await approval for repairs and upgrades from Queensland Reconstruction Authority.

“It’s not only councils waiting for it to be approved but so are the people that use those roads.”

Lachlan Kent who managed Mt Marlow station near Longreach for 5 years before taking over the managers role at Nockotunga for one of Australia’s most prominent cattle producers Consolidated Pastoral Company

“There’s nothing worse than having your road trains booked in for a few weeks and then because of a big downpour the trucks can’t get in because the roads are too dangerous with full loads”.

Hopefully these repairs and upgrades can be processed sooner rather than later, ideally before the next wet season, and we might even see a smile on the farmers’ faces.

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